Krk Island Croatia: Best Things To Do, Attractions, Beaches & Getting There

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Published: February 23, 2019

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Krk Island Croatia, which is basically Veglia in Italian, is connected to the mainland and it done through a toll bridge.

As far as being one of Croatia’s islands, it is deemed to be the largest one.

In addition, it is among the busiest, especially in summer when countless of central Europeans stream to its holiday campsites, houses, and hotels.

Krk Island itinerary Croatia
Old church and fortress in old town Krk, Croatia

Sure, you might think it is not the lushest – or even the most beautiful – of all the islands.

However, island of Krk Croatia landscape will leave you in now.

This is due to the fact that it is quite varied, as it ranges from forests found in the west all the way to the sunburnt ridges positioned in the east.

Island Of Krk Croatia

Take for example old town of Vrbnik, which is located on the east coast.

It is an amiable and charming village, one that is strategically away from deluge of tourists.

As for the island’s northwestern coast, it is said to be both rocky and steep.

And with its fierce bura – or also known as cold northeasterly wind) – that tends to whip the coast during winter, there are few settlements.

Interestingly, you will grow fond of the southwest due to its milder climate; whereas the southeast can be a bit scorching.

There is no doubt that you will find Krk island an easy and lovely place to visit.

Apart from the good transport connections it offers, it also comes with a handful of interesting infrastructures.

There is a lot of reason to choose island of Krk Croatia as your holiday spot. But if you are unconvinced with its prowess, check out some of its many superlatives.

They are detailed below:

  • It is the biggest island of the entire Adriatic.
  • It is the northern most island of the entire Adriatic.
  • It is, by far, the most accessible island of the entire Adriatic.
  • It is even the most diverse island of the entire Adriatic.
  • Lastly, it is deemed to be the most visited island of the entire Adriatic.

The very position of the Krk Island at the northern most part of the Adriatic comes with a huge benefit.

Thanks to it, the island allows it to be “first” and, more importantly, the closest island when it comes to visitors.

This is most especially true to individuals who come from the continental part of Europe in hopes looking for the great Mediterranean atmosphere.

Krk Town Croatia
Natural Beauty – Island Of Krk Croatia

During the 1980s, the exceptionally convenient location of the Island of Krk Croatia was made possible through the accumulation of what was believed to be a calculated structure.

It was none other than the one mile-long Krk Bridge, which is responsible for connecting the island to the mainland as mentioned above.

Since it is an easily accessible island, one that comes with an international airport – it is safe to assume that Krk Croatia will always be a top-notch for all tourists.

So if you have been looking for a place that could help you escape the busyness, crowdedness, and stress of big cities, you should pay Krk Croatia a visit.

You will definitely not regret it!

Places To Visit On Island Of Krk, Croatia

Krk Town

Krk Town is basically the main settlement of the island of Krk Croatia and is positioned on the southwest coast.

More importantly, it is deemed the historic seat of the great Roman Catholic Diocese of Krk.

The Krk Town is absolutely ancient, especially since it is among the oldest in the Adriatic.

Old town Krk Island Croatia
Town Of Krk – Krk Island Croatia

It has been unceasingly inhabited since the peak of the Roman times and was also part of the Byzantine Theme Dalmatia.

The latter, in particular, happened following the Western Roman Empire’s fall to the infamous barbarians.

Apparently, tourist can see Roman ruins even today and most of them can be found in a good number of parts of the town, with mosaics in houses being an epitome.

Moreover, the city had been successful in preserving a good number of medieval fortifications, which include the like of Frankopan Castle that is close to the Kamplin Park.

In addition, part of the walls of the metro was built during the five centuries, particularly when the Republic of Venice became the ruler of it.

Kamplin Square

Kamplin is the main square of the Krk town, with a term that is derived from the Latin word “campus,” which means field.

During the Roman times, a training area could be found here and it was close to the thermal Roman spas.

Kamplin Square - Krk Island
Kamplin Square – Town Of Krk Croatia

In fact, the remnants of the temple columns – the ones that are at the square – gave witness to a massive building dating back to the Roman times.

History Of Krk Town

During the 13th century, one of the “cadet branches” that hailed from the aristocratic Italian Frangipani family managed to settle in Krk.

As such, they were able to give rise to the titular Croatian family of the Frankopan.

Krk island was known to be the last Croatian island to be fully occupied by the Venetians.

The island of Krk Croatia and its surrounding area were, in most cases, popular for large utilization of glagoljica.

During the 19th century, the town of Krk became the very center of the noteworthy Illyrian movement.

Island Of Krk was also once recognized for its distinctive Romance language, which is called Vegliotic.

Vegliotic language, in particular, was being spoken until the arrival of the early 19th century.

There was even a massive Italian community, but the country of Italy eventually decided to give up the island in favor of Yugoslavia – a very interesting event that took place in 1921 (the exact year when the city of Krk was officially called Krk for the very first time).

What is even more interesting is that a good number of its Italian-speaking residents subsequently decided to leave of Italy and Istria.

Furthermore, the Island Of Krk was momentarily occupied by D’Annunzio during the year of 1921.

Twenty years after, it was integrated straight into the Italian Province of Fiume and this happened between 1941 and 1943.

Josip Broz Tito’s Partisans opened the mind of the metro come 1944.

During this year, it was considered to a small indigenous Italian community, one that heavily signified within the “Unione Italiana” of Croatia.


This one right here is merely a small coastal town situated in the north-west of Krk Croatia.

The population of the town is around 1,790 based on recent statistics.

As for the Omišalj municipality, it reportedly covers the nearby Njivice, thus bringing the total number of people to about 2,998.

Omišalj Croatia is best known during the peak of modern times, especially after it hosted the Rijeka Airport and Port of Rijeka oil terminal.

Dating from the III century, Omišalj is one of the most seasoned towns on island of Krk Croatia and, furthermore, the principal town you will experience immediately after you cross the island connecting from the mainland.

Town Of Omišalj itself is based on the cliff around 80 meters over the ocean with all-encompassing perspective over Kvarner bay narrows.

Omišalj has safeguarded its medieval urban structure and its beguiling old center, which comes with thin lanes, making it a pedestrian vehicle-free zone.

Omisalj Krk Island, Croatia
Omišalj – Island of Krk Croatia

On the principle square is a vast area church of the Assumption with a ringer tower, the city’s Lodge and the Chapel of St. Helen.

Private structures protected its unique provincial appearance normal for Krk island – numerous houses have a common outer stairs alongside the curved access to the ground floor and a gallery over the angled passageway.

Close by the edge of the precipice is walled walkaway ideal for these sentimental night times offering harmony, calm, and a delightful view on the little marina and the coastline promenade underneath.

Omišalj Croatia offers convenience in private condos and in inns.

For example, the Hotel Adriatic and Hotel Delfin are both arranged on the beachfront beneath the town.

Krk Island Hotel Adriatic
Hotel Adriatic – Omišalj Croatia

For those who are traveling via plane, Rijeka International airplane terminal is adjacent.


Malinska – Dubašnica is simply the municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county, particularly a situated on the island Krk of somewhere in the western Croatia.

More importantly, it is deemed the capital.

There are roughly 2,726 inhabitants and 90% Croats.

Malinska Krk Croatia islands
Malinska – Island Of Krk Croatia

Malinska on Krk Croatia was established as a municipality during 1993.

The municipal government, on the other hand, can be found in the town hall was built by the former hotel Jadran Malinska, together with other settlements, shapes the Dubašnica zone that is situated on the western piece of the island of Krk Croatia.

Moreover, it is likely to be the most manageable piece of the island, entirely shielded from winds, which is additionally in the name Sotovento – leeward.

Due to the harmlessness of the scene and various littler settlements, one can discuss a stand-out Malinska Riviera since the lush coast bends unendingly and is populated by individuals who make their living only from the travel industry these days.

Malinska wound up critical amid the eighteenth century when the port, which ended up a standout amongst the most essential trading ports on the island of Krk Croatia, was constructed.

The main houses by the port were worked in 1788.

The defining moment in the improvement of the Malinska was the arrival of a steamboat, which docked in 1866.

It was the first since the entry of a steamboat on the island of Krk Croatia.

It was basically steam vessel that cruised from Rijeka to Trieste.

Be that as it may, the genuine visitors were on the steamboats after 1880. Towards the beginning, they were travelers travelling to Opatija.

After the common delights of the spot were found, it was set up that Malinska had conditions for advancement of treatment tourism.

Hence, the Austrian crown sovereign Rudolf visited Malinska in 1885.

Malinska Croatia
Malinska Croatia

His visit had a solid special effect to such an extent that towards the start of the twentieth century.

And on account of various guests from the government, the Vienna press called Malinska the pearl of the Kvarner bay islands.

Along the whole Malinska Riviera, there are shorelines and little coves with different substance for a decent time adrift.

Baška – island of Krk Croatia

The principle island street which bends for 40 km toward the path north-southeast-east finishes in Baška.

That way, it can be viewed as a spot “towards the end of the world,” and it is realized that such places must be visited.

As need be, you should not think for a minute whether you should come to Baška on Krk island.

That is because you essentially should!

Krk Island Baska Town
Baška – Island Of Krk Croatia

At a certain point, the street will lead you just along the bowl of the main waterway on the Island of Krk and it was named Vela Rika or “big stream,” despite the fact that it regularly evaporates.

You will cross two extensions and going through a major street bend, you will see the water factory which used to control grinders, ground wheat, and delivered flour.

It was not unreasonably lengthy time-frame back then, especially since the island of Krk recalls reaps somewhere in the range of fifty years prior.

Vela Rika and the street meet up at the ocean delta directly before Baška on Krk Croatia.

Furthermore, from the ocean, the genuine wellspring of presence of Baška occupants, the travel industry, can be seen.

The entire town shaped a semi-circle like a bow along Baška shoreline, the 2 km of the fine stone shoreline which is to be said thanks to for the notoriety of Baška Croatia as a late spring occasion spot.

Baška Croatia, the magnificence of the town and its surroundings was found by Czechs.

Baska Croatia Beaches
Baška – Krk Beaches

Chief of Prague paper, Emil Geistlich was in Baska on business, to compose a story.

His impressions of Baška were solid, and the distributed story, brimming with creator’s motivation, pulled in various Czech visitors to Baška and they stayed exceptionally steadfast even today.

Baška on Krk island likewise pulls in guests from around the globe – Baška’s “Blue Bar” on the Baška shoreline was named as one of ten best shoreline bars by the British “Times Online” paper.

The long, lovely shoreline, outfitted with various conceivable outcomes for entertainment, is one of the more imperative motivations to come; the excellence of the spots you will stroll through peruses like a textbook of ocean engineering.

In Baška on island of Krk Croatia, as a town of the aforementioned description, there are conceivable outcomes for field stumbles on a watercraft to different islands.

Its sloping outback can be enjoyed by strolling with clean walkways, while the bolder ones can attempt the move close Baška Croatia.


Njivice is the most current fabricated town on the island of Krk Croatia.

It has created appreciation to the travel industry.

In 1930, the main lodging was manufactured, and that began the change of a little angling town into one of the greater tourism centers on the island.

Njivice - Krk Island Croatia
Njivice – Island of the Krk beaches

In the focal point of the town, there is a little port flanked by shorelines on the two sides.

It is the focal point of life in Njivice on Krk island, alongside various eateries, bistros, and cake shops.

North from the port, there are Beli kamik and Jadran establishments, just as a major auto camp in the shadow of a thick leaf woodland.

Njivice Croatia likewise offers quality loft settlement in family houses which have cautiously looked after plots.

The coastline in Njivice are pebbly or halfway cleared, while outside of the town, there are rocks with little sounds.

Towards the finish of the town shorelines, the Njivice promenade started.

It became a sentimental way through shades of the pine trees, winding directly by the Adriatic.

The promenade is over a kilometer long.

Njivice Croatia itinerary
Njivice Croatia

Alongside mellow normal conditions in Njivice and the settlement foundation which is at a fortunate dimension, it offers amusement occasions in the open to its guests, especially for those who are fond of visiting the area every now and then.

As such, you can become more acquainted with the conventional old stories, tune in to a cappella singing, and promenade shows of wind symphonies. Amid summer periods, the town display has the presentations of eminent specialists.

Manageable and calm, Njivice is a midyear occasion spot where you can spend a totally loosened up occasion.

It will positively make you return!


Punat is a small town with roughly 1,800 inhabitants and is positioned on the southern coast of the island.

The view it offers, whether it is loomed from the sea or land, is quite peculiar.

This is due to the fact that it is prevaricated in by the coast and it is the type that offers a super unfathomable bay called Puntarska draga.

Punat Krk Island Croatia
Punat – Island Of Krk Croatia

The latter, in particular, is where the miniscule island of Košljun can be found alongside with a Franciscan friary.

It is unreal beauty at its finest!

The early stages of tourism life in Punat on island of Krk Croatia are heavily connected to this unique beauty.

It started in the 19th century during the time when the Franciscan friary in Košljun got a visitation from the ruler Karolina.

She was basically the better half of the Austrian emperor Ferdinand I, as well as Maksimilijan Ferdinand, who is the younger brother of Franz Joseph, who was the Austrian emperor, Romanian king Karol I.

As expected, the list would include other viewed and less viewed inquisitives.

The small island of Košljun is a precious gem and it safeguards the cultural and natural heritage.

Hence, today, there are vast people hoping to visit.

Island Of Košljun Croatia can be reached solely on a boat which sails based on the request and need.

Kosjun Island Croatia Krk
Košljun Island – Krk Croatia

Punat is a small tourist town.

And when compared to its contemporaries, it is pretty much above all offers an escape from stress, busyness, and noise.

The town is relatively charming, with its small narrow streets that pave the way towards typical seaside houses with taverns and arched doorways.

Town of Punat is very pleased of its olive tradition.

Today, almost all families in Punat on Krk island have their own olive grove and they even make their own one with the highest quality of olive oil.

Every person who comes to the small town will find this easy to believe.

This is due to the fact that the access road going to the town is via a corridor of perfect looking olive groves.

Best Things To Do On Krk Croatia

Biserujka Cave

The very existence of the Biserujka cave has been recognized for countless years when its interior was completely hidden.

Even more so, it was successful in arousing interest for its unrevealed secrets, as well as the beauty that calcite decorations offer.

Since Biserujka cave illumination is considerably increased, there is no doubt that the interest for the existing treasure still lingers.

Biserujka Cave
Biserujka Cave – Island Of Krk Croatia

Cave Biserujka has a length of around 110 m with the dimension of the subterranean space.

If you are looking to be enchanted, take a look at the interior part, which comes with beauty and curiosity of different shapes.

Baška Tablet

Also known as the Glagolitc alphabet, this one right here was created by the stylisation of Greek cursive.

The latter, in particular, took place during the middle of the 9th century.

Saint Cyril is mainly cited as the author of the said alphabet and he used this alphabet for his goal of translating ecclesiastical books straight into the archaic Slavic language.

It comes in two variants: one is that it is rounded and the other is squared.

Purportedly, these characteristics were successful in getting developed later.

Best Island Of Krk Beaches


Porporela beach is positioned to the west of the Town Of Krk Croatia.

It is basically towards the campsite called Jezevac. The distance from the town to the Porporela beach is short or, simply put, around 4 minutes to walk.

Porporela Beach Krk
Porporela – Krk Beaches

Koralj Hotel Beach

Positioned in a deeply whittled cove in front of the Hotel Koralj, the beach has a sandy seabed and also offers a shade in a surrounding pine trees.

It is definitely a must-visit beach!


Koralj beach is a beach with fine pebble and gravel, one that is located east of the Hotel Koralj.

It even stretches towards Redagara or Valda Gara cove. This id one of the island of Krk beaches which is perfectly lined with mature fir trees.

Redagara (Pet Friendly Beach)

Dogs and other pets are always welcomed with warmth embrace on Redagara beach.

The latter, in particular, placed in a passive cove added east from Hotel Koralj.

Like many Krk beaches this pebbly beach is surrounded by fir trees with plenty of shade.

Redagara Beach Krk Town
Redagara – Krk Beaches

Hotel Dražica Beach

This Krk beach is set below Hotel Dražica and is a combination of fine pebbles, gravel pebbles, paved areas, rocky parts, and steps.

Holiday Activities In Krk Croatia

On the island of Krk Croatia, except of course for the gorgeous historical and cultural heritage, outstanding cuisine, relaxed accommodation, and stunning Krk beaches where you can always go for an enjoyable swim, surfing, or diving, you can also get to enjoy a deluge of sports activities.

Vrbnik Old Town Croatia
Vrbnik – Krk Island Croatia

Lovers of active holidays have the freedom to choose from a variety of sports type.

On the island you can enjoy the likes of beach volleyball, tennis, table tennis, jet skiing, mini-golf, table tennis, skiing, parachuting, water skiing and many others.

Getting To Krk island

As already mentioned above, the island of Krk is very accessible.

In fact, you can always go there via the bridge.

You also have the option to do it via a ferry or boat, or lastly airport. Or you go with a plane via the Rijeka airport near Omišalj.

Krk Island Bridge
Krk Bridge Croatia

Best Time To Visit Island

It is highly recommended to travel to island of Krk Croatia sometime in September.

This is the month when temperatures are not only warm, but room rates also likable.

During this time, you can expect to pay price for a 1-bedroom vacation rental.

You will be surprised that is half of what you could have gotten.

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