Cres Croatia: Best Things To Do, Attractions, Beaches & Getting There

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Published: February 23, 2019

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The second largest island in the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, Cres is a stunning place adorned by forests filled with oak trees, majestic cliffs along the coastline, and medieval hilltop towns.

Valun Cres Island
Valun is well-known for the Valun Plate which dates back to the 11th century.

Located in the northern part of Kvarner Bay, Cres Croatia is a relatively untouched gem with only 3,000 full-time residents.

Although not as popular as the other touristy islands in Croatia, Cres is worth visiting because of its rich history and natural beauty.

Lubenice town cliffs
Cres island is worth visiting because of its rich history and natural beauty.

Island has a rugged topography, with walking trails that will lead visitors through abandoned hamlets, caves, and beautiful Cres beaches.

Island Of Cres Croatia: Things To Do

The northern part of island of Cres is verdant.

Known as Tramuntana, the northern head of the island has several hiking trails which include cobblestone paths laid down by the Romans 2 millennia ago.

Island is also known for its endless city walls and Renaissance-era churches and palaces.

Town Of Cres dates back to at least 2,000 years and has successive rulers such as the Romans, the Byzantines, and the Venetians, who built the older remaining landmarks in the town.

Visitors can enjoy a natural seaside walk along the wide, expansive bay of Cres town.

Vrana Lake

Vrana lake on Cres Island a freshwater lake that contains both carp and algae, is also one of the crowning glories of Cres Croatia.

Cres island - Vrana Lake
Lake Vrana on Cres Croatia

This natural phenomenon, found in the center of the island, is the largest natural lake in Croatia.

The lake’s surface is above sea-level, and the water is drinkable. However, it is strictly off-limits to visitors.

Lubenice Beach

Lubenice Beach is situated in Lubenice town has absolutely magnificent views and picture-book beauty.

Town Of Lubenice is a 4,000-year old settlement which is located on a cliff that is 382 meters above sea level.

This picturesque town on island has medieval monuments and crumbling old stone houses, a stone fortification that is a fine example of typical rural Croatian architecture.

Lubenice has a unique view of the sea and of Sveti Ivan bay.

Lubenice Bay
4,000-year old settlement Lubenice Cres Croatia.

On its jagged coast, there are a series of secluded pebble coves that can be reached by a steep footpath.

Secluded Sveti Ivan beach lies on a cove below Lubenice Croatia.

Wildlife on Island Of Cres Croatia

Cres Croatia northern part is rich with forests filled with trees such as red oak, elm, and chestnut.

Its southern part is covered in pastures and hills with evergreen coniferous forests.

The island has rich flora, with more than 1,100 plant species.

About 939 of these plants are indigenous to Cres Croatia.

The island is also well-known for being the breeding ground of the extremely rare griffon, a mythical-looking vulture and one of the largest flying birds in the world.

They build their nests on cliffs that overlook the sea.

Griffon vultures start on the island of Cres Croatia and migrate across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

One of the last habitats of the griffon vulture, island has two ornithological reserves on the east side of the island.

Cres Island Vultures
The griffon vulture in one of they last habitats in Europe on Cres.

The “Caput Insulae” center in Beli village features a recovery facility for injured or poisoned griffon vultures.

This serene place located in dense woodland not only shelters griffons but is also home to golden eagles, wolves, and bears.

Places To Visit On Cres Island, Croatia

Town Of Cres Croatia

Town Of Cres is the island’s main area with a rich culture filled with interesting architecture.

It is located on the northern part of the island, nestled within a deep bay so it is protected from harsh weather on all sides.

Its strategic position along the bay led to the development of industries such as fishery, shipbuilding, and seafaring.

Cres Croatia
Waterfront architecture in old town of Cres, Croatia

The modern marina is also located in the southern part of the bay. Town is surrounded by fertile land where olive trees abound.

The well-known olive oil from island of Cres Croatia is made from olives that grow on these trees.

The commercial center of Town Of Cres features a café-lined harbor with quaint faded pastel buildings amidst serpentine streets.

The 2,000-year-old town has been inhabited since the Paleolithic times, and a series of rulers successively influenced the culture and architecture of the town.

The Republic of Venice ruled the town for about 400 years, and its architecture is still evident in the area, particularly the Church of Our Lady of Snow, which is located in the heart of town.

Cres pebbly beach is just a short walk from the town harbor as you walk through the Lungomare seaside promenade.

The old town center in Cres Croatia was fortified with a wall until the beginning of the 20th century.

Town Of Cres
Old town center in Cres island, Croatia

The town loggia, which is perfectly preserved until today, was built in front of the gate in the 16th-century.

Standing in front of the loggia is the pillar of shame, which can still be seen today.

This is the place where criminals were tied in the olden days.

Present-day Cres Croatia has many modern amenities, including a hotel, a health clinic, a post office, and a museum.


A relatively new town, Martinšćica is located on the tamest part of the island’s coast, on the western part of Cres island Croatia.

Martinšćica is the second largest settlement in the island. It is adjacent to a spacious bay.

Formerly a predominantly fishing village, Martinšćica on Cres island is now a tourist town catering mainly towards families and campers.

Martinscica Cres Island
Martinšćica village on western slopes of island of Cres

The north of the town is filled with beautiful Cres beaches relatively untouched by nature.

Martinšćica main attraction is a 16th century monastery of the Franciscan Glagolitic monks of the third order. The monks still live there.

The village has lush Mediterranean vegetation.

The town is named after the Church of St. Martin, which was built in the Middle Ages.

The church is still standing on the western side of the island.

Martinšćica Croatia is also the location of the former summer mansion of the island patrician Sforza.


The little town of Valun is a picturesque littoral place.

Valun Cres Island
Valun is well-known for the Valun Plate which dates back to the 11th century.

This charming fishing village has a small harbor at its center.

An old Romanesque chapel is now used as storage space.

Valun on island of Cres Croatia is well-known for the Valun Plate which dates back to the 11th century.

The Valun Plate is significant because it is inscribed both in Latin and old Croatian, marking the presence of both Roman and Croatian families on the island a millennia ago.

It is one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments and it is kept in the parochial church of St. Mary.

Lubenice – Cres Croatia

The town of Lubenice on Cres island Croatia is found on a majestic cliff which is 382 meters above sea level.

Lubenice Cres has continually been settled throughout the ancient times and the Middle Ages.

The Romans named the town Hibernicia, which means ‘a winter, cold settlement’, probably due to the gusts of winds that pass through the town.

Lubenice town cliffs
Cres island is worth visiting because of its rich history and natural beauty.

The town of Lubenice is one of the best examples of rural architecture in Croatia, with medieval monuments and old, crumbling stone houses in sinuous rows along a ridge.

In some of the buildings, visitors can see preserved water reservoirs located on the second floor.

The Romans built an impressive fortress around the town.

Traces of the fortress’ glorious past is still visible, as visitors are still able to see the gun slits and the portholes built in the fortress walls.

Classical music concerts are held in the old town square during warm summer evenings.

A huge number of guests attend these music evenings.

There are also many medieval chapels in Lubenice: the chapel of St. James and St. Barbara, the chapel of St. Anthony of the Desert, the chapel of St. Dominic, and the chapel of St. Stephen.

The town is oval-shaped with two parallel winding streets running from north to south.

Beli Cres

Beli on island of Cres is one of the oldest places on the island.

This acropolis-type village is on a 130-meter high hill in northern part of the island.

It draws its roots from pre-historic times, being mentioned in manuscripts as early as 4,000 BC.

The name of the town comes from Bela IV, who sought refuge here from the conquering Tartar hordes.

Beli Village - Cres Croatia
One of the oldest places on the island – Beli village

The conquerors of Beli have made their mark on the town.

Remains of the Roman period are evident with the Roman-Gothic style churches, the Glagolitic inscriptions on the tombstones, and a unique cemented area located on a slope, which looks like an amphitheater and surrounded by seats made of stone.

The accommodations and amenities in Beli are aimed at families, since the town has a nice pebble beach and a well-protected harbor.

Beli Cres is often the starting point for trekking or walking in the woods of Tramuntana.

Village of Beli is where the griffon vulture sanctuary, Caput Insulae, is located.

This places is also the location of a diving base which starts directly from the beach.

Village Of Osor Cres

Village of Osor lies on the southern part of Cres island Croatia.

It was a very important settlement during the Roman times. The remnants of its famous past can be found in the heart of town.

Osor - Cres Croatia
Osor village on Cres island, Croatia

The town forum, the municipal palace, the diocese, and the cathedral are all structures that date back from the 15th to 16th centuries.

The grandeur of Osor is being brought back to life with a string of cultural events that bear the title “The Osor Musical Evenings.”

These events take place in the Osor Cathedral.

The town has plenty of restaurants and stores in addition to its gorgeous Cres beaches.

Sightseeing on Cres Croatia

Cres Tower

The old city of Cres Croatia has a stunning stone defense tower, a symbol of the different defenses that the old city has to face over the years.

Defense tower of Cres Town has been built in the 16th-century and serves as an observation post for enemies.

Cres Tower, Croatia
Defense Tower – Cres Croatia

In the 20th century, the tower was renovated several times.

Only this defensive tower remains from the defensive ring of the city when it was still part of the Venetian Republic in the 15th to the 16th centuries.

Once visitors reach the outside viewing platform on top of the tower, they will be treated to a great view of the harbor and the town.

Osor Town Walls

One of the many highlights of your trip to Cres Island is visiting the Osor Town Walls.

The foundations of the city walls of Osor are a great history lesson in itself. The city walls of Osor date back to 9th century BC, when the settlement still bore the Latin name Apsoros.

Time stands still in this small, quiet town and the gentle pace of island life is most evident here.

The main square of Osor is also a delight, with stone townhouses that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Some of the streets on the main square are dotted with sculptures from Croatian artists.

Church of St. Mary of the Snow

The Parish Church of St. Mary of the Snow is located in Town Of Cres Croatia.

This three-nave church built in the 15th century both has Gothic and Romanesque elements.

The 18th-century bell tower is also an interesting part of the parish.

Labyrinths in Tramuntana

This outdoor sight in Tramuntana, which is in the northern part of the island, is truly unique.

Labyrinths on Cres Island
Labyrinths of Cres Island, Croatia

There are 7 labyrinths located in Tramuntana, each with their own name and meaning.

For instance, Ishtar’s Labyrinth is dedicated to the goddess of love and fertility and it symbolizes Mother Nature.

Church Of St. Mark – Valun

Church Of St. Mark in Valun has the village’s main attraction: the 11th-century old Valun Tablet.

Built in 1851, it is now a cemetery church.

St. Francis Friary and Church – Cres Croatia

St. Francis church and convent which dates back to the 1300s has a double cloister.

The outer cloister shows the tombs of renowned Cres families, while the inner cloister features the oldest emblem of Cres Croatia.

The convent of St. Francis has a museum that features paintings and sculptures of old masters, an ethnographical collection, and a rare liturgical book printed in 1494.

St Francis Convent - Cres Croatia
Saint Francis Convent on Cres island, Croatia

Church of St. Anthony the Hermit – Lubenice Cres

Out of the 5 churches in Lubenice Cres , this stands out because the Gothic church has a bell tower that overlooks the village.

This 15th-century church is well-known for its acoustics.

The Best Cres Beaches

Zanja Beach in Lubenice Cres

Zanja Beach in Lubenice is one of the most beautiful Cres beaches.

The only way to reach this beach is from Lubenice Cres, and from there it is quite a hike to get to the sea.

Blue Grotto on Cres Island
Blue Grotto – Zanja beach on Cres Island

The last part is steep scree so hikers have to be careful.

No matter how hard it is to get to this beach, everything will be forgotten once you catch a glimpse of its wondrous beauty.

Blue Cave (Blue Grotto) – Cres

The entrance to the Blue Cave is located at the edge of Zanja beach.

The entrance to the Blue Cave is 3 meters deep, and there is a tunnel that runs into the cave above sea level.

The cave can only be reached by sea and is about 20 meters long.

Locally known as Plava Grota, the Blue Cave or Blue Grotto as some people call it is named because of the light blue flickering ceiling once you swim inside the cave.

The best moment to experience this magic is the first few hours of the afternoon.

Lubenice Beach (St. John)

Lubenice beach under the village of Lubenice Cres is one of the best beaches in Croatia.

This pebble beach has tiny pebbles that get finer and finer as you get closer to the crystal-clear blue waters.

Lubenice Beach Cres Croatia
Under the village of Lubenice is one of the best beaches in Croatia

There are two ways of going to the beach: hire a private boat or walk from the Lubenice village, which takes about 40 minutes.

Mali Bok Beach

Island Of Cres Croatia is well-known for its hidden beaches and coves, and Mali Bok is a surprisingly beautiful bay surrounded by tall rocks.

Mali Bok beach, which is close to Orlec, is relatively untouched and although it is quite a challenge to reach the beach area, it is truly worth the effort.

Mali Bok Beach Cres
Island of the Cres – hidden beach Mali Bok

If you plan to visit Mali Bok beach, make sure you bring enough provisions for the day because there is no food or water service in the area.

There is no natural shade in the area, so prepare to be sunburnt if you plan to stay the whole day.

This beautiful beach is truly utopia on earth.

It is a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You need to be an expert swimmer because the waters get deep very quickly.

Koromačna Beach & Bay

This secluded swimming spot, which seems to abound in the island, is found on the steeper eastern part of Cres Croatia.

Koromačna beach & bay is located under small village of Belej on island.

Koromacna Bay Cres
Koromačna Beach – Cres Croatia

The beach is not as big as the others found on the island, but there is a man-made stone wharf that serves as protection for small boats.

The Koromačna bay itself has deep blue, inviting waters with plenty of little coves to explore.

Meli – Sandy Cres Beaches

Meli beach is sandy beach with a natural lagoon can be reached from the town of Meli on island of Cres Croatia, which is on the eastern side of the island.

It is a 30-minute walk from the town and there are no clear signs in the path, so visitors need to be careful.

Meli Beach Cres Island
Meli beach – sandy beach on Cres, Croatia

The water in Meli beach is crystal clear and shallow, ideal for kids.

This secluded beach can only be reached by foot or by boat.

You can park your car up to the village of Plat then continue on foot for about 25 minutes until you reach the Meli beach.

Ustrine Beach

Ustrine beach is located at the southern part of the island of Cres, close to Lošinj island.

In order to reach Ustrine beach, visitors need to park at the nearest town and trek downhill to the sea.

As you can imagine, this is a less crowded beach due to the steep road that leads to it.

The walk takes about 15 to 20 minutes, but back up the hill will take a bit longer.

Ustrine beach has clean, blue, pristine waters, which is very safe for swimming.

Raca Beach in Valun

Raca beach is lovely pebble beach bordered by pines is located northwest of the village in Valun.

This has been voted as one of the top beaches in Croatia and is the best beach for families on the island of Cres Croatia.

It is like a big, clear, and safe swimming pool with a lot of shade.

The sea on Raca beach is very clear.

Zdovica Beach in Valun

Another ideal family beach located in Valun is Zdovica Beach.

It even boasts of having a kid-friendly camping ground with a lot of shade and bush sites.

Zdovica beach is perfect for families with small children and it is only 5 minutes’ walk from the Valun town center.

The Zdovica beach is equipped with public showers and toilets.

However, there is not a lot of shade on this.

Best Things To Do On Cres Island Croatia

Explore Cres From The Sea

Sailing around the waters of Cres island is a great experience.

There are numerous bays, beaches and coves to be discovered here.

Many sailboat rentals offer excursions to the island, giving visitors a chance to explore the unreachable parts of the Cres coast.

Small paddle and motor boats are for rent on the island of Cres Croatia.

Cres Sailing
Lubenice bay & beach on Cres island, Croatia

Camping In Kovačine Bay

This award-winning camping facility offers comfortable camping pitches.

Kovačine camp is mainly designed for families and it is surrounded by olive and pine trees.

There is a Kovačine beach in the camp with a mixture of pebbles and stone.

You will find also a separate sunbathing area.

Camp Kovačine offers numerous activities for the whole family, including bike tours around the island of Cres, scuba diving lessons, and excursions.

Osor Musical Evenings

Since 1976, Osor Cres has been home to a classical music festival usually held every summer.

The ambiance at Osor is the perfect location for a balmy summer night of music and reverie under the moonlight.

Getting to Island Of Cres Croatia

The most important port on the island is located in Town Of Cres Croatia.

Island Of Cres can be reached by ferries, by boat or by bus.

The nearest airport to the island is Rijeka Airport, which is in the nearby island of Krk.

It is possible to travel to island straight from Rijeka airport.

Vrbnik Old Town Croatia
Old town Vrbnik on Krk island, Croatia

From Krk island, go to the town of Omišalj on the northern part of the island where there a few direct buses going to Cres island.

There is also a daily catamaran service from Rijeka to Cres Town.

Run by Kapetan Luka, the duration of this journey is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

In the summer months, it makes a stop to Mali Lošinj and Martinšćica.

There are two directions available by ferry when you want to go to Cres Croatia.

The first one is via island of Krk and the other one is via Istria.

From island of Krk, visitors must board the ferry on the terminal at Valbiska and they will dock in Merag on island of Cres.

From Istria, visitors must board the ferry at the terminal in Brestova and dock at Porozina on Cres.

Booking a ferry in advance is not possible, but you can purchase them directly from the ferry terminals.

Many tourists arrive at island via yachts or organized boat tours.

Harbors on the island are well-equipped and ready to welcome boats.

If you want to go on a bus route, the national bus line network is well-organized and can reach even the smallest villages on the island.

There are daily buses that ply the route of Zagreb to Cres Town. The journey time is 4 and ½ hours.

Best Time To Visit Cres Island

The best time to visit island is during the transition period between summer, which is the high season, and autumn.

Valun Cres Island
Valun – Cres Island

So that’s between the months of September to October.

The crowds are starting to thin out and the laid-back atmosphere of the island is more evident.

This is when the unpretentiousness of this island will soothe your mind and soul.

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