Villa Trogir

Author: Mate I.

Published: October 29, 2018

Reading Time: 3 minutes read

Villa Trogir is located in the perfect spot, just 2 minutes away from the beach by foot. It features a seasonal outdoor swimming pool among its various facilities.

The place is highly rated not only because of its location but because of the unique experience you will get in the duration of your stay.

Villa Trogir Features

The villa Trogir has a modern design with a simple white paint that shines across Trogir’s beautiful scenery.

Lounges and tables surround the outdoor swimming pool so you can sip on a cocktail while you are sunbathing or lounging under the moonlight.

You can see the pool through the villa’s glass doors and it’s a great view to look at while having a nice home cooked meal inside.

Fitness enthusiasts will love that the villa has its own fitness center.

You don’t have to stop taking care of your body just because you’re on vacation.

No need to rent a car or take public transportation to go to the nearest gym. It’s right within the villa and it has all the necessary equipment.

The barbecue facilities are perfect for small parties where you can enjoy telling stories with friends and family who are with you on your trip.

Have a barbecue with your company with a nice cold beer while watching the sun go down.

In the garden of villa Trogir, you can sit in a corner and read a good book to take your mind off your ordinary stressful life.

It has a terrace that offers a great view of the mountains and the sea. You can also see the city lights at night. See how the city comes to life as soon as it gets dark.

The terrace of villa Trogir is equipped with a dining area so you can enjoy a nice breakfast or dinner with views of the outdoors.

If you don’t like swimming in the outdoor pool, you can just take a warm relaxing bath inside, perhaps after a few minutes in the sauna.

Villa Trogir a private sauna that is big enough for a party of 5 people or more. It is perfect after working out at the fitness center.

The nearby beach features powdery white sand and lounges under parasols. You can take a dip in the water or just sip some wine while you bathe in the sun.

A bicycle rental is also available so you can go around town riding at your own pace.

You can even explore the hills on a bike or ride it to the nearby attractions.

Nearby Landmarks

The nearest place of interest from the villa Trogir is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

Take some time to marvel at its structure and its creative design. It will give you a glimpse into the city’s history and learn how it became an integral part of the locals’ story.

Radovan’s Portal is also quite near as well as the Trogir Town Museum.

Shop some fresh produce at the Trogir Green Market that sell at amazingly affordable prices.

The Kamerlengo Castle is also nearby.