Rab Island, Croatia – Travel Guide & Itinerary

Extremely popular, Rab – or Arbe in Italian – offers some of the most varied landscapes in the entire Kvarner region.

This eventually contributed to its unforgettable declaration as a geopark sometime in 2008.

The more densely populated southwest coast comes with lots of beaches and pine forests.

As far as its northeast coast is concerned, it is basically a windswept region that has few settlements on its resume.

Also, there are dozens of high cliffs and a barren look. Mind you, the fertile land is duly protected from cold, ravishing winds thanks to the mountains.

This, in turn, allow the people to cultivate the likes of grapes, olives, vegetables.

Rab island Croatia panoramic view
Rab island Croatia panoramic view

The Lopar Peninsula offers the best sandy beaches.

Verdant in the south-west and is often deemed rocky in both north and east. As for the middle, it definitely rocks.

In other words, Rab has what it takes to offer everything.

It is also popular for being the greenest and busiest island in the entire Kvarner string.

Families that pretty much like the safely low, dirty seashore, they can enjoy it in the northern headland of Lopar.

As for lovers of nature and/or tourist destination naturists, they should try to hike straight to what is known the wilder beaches.

Rab town is very much close to the centre of the island, making it a go-to tourist destination. It is also enticing in some ways and thanks to its mix busy bars.

Things To do on Rab Island, Croatia

Notwithstanding the perfect conditions for shoreline get-away and climbing, the island of Rab is prepared to offer its visitors a rich trip program, as its region incorporates chronicled objects of various periods.

It is imperative to start the study of the authentic legacy with a visit to the capital, the town of Rab itself.

From there, you can enjoy an all-around safeguarded historically significant area.

It is Cathedral of St. Antony that makes a great example, especially since it stands out amongst the most tremendous authentic landmarks.

It was built in 1175 and has kept a great deal of the primitive components. The Cathedral houses extremely valuable religious antiques.

Adjacent there is the excellent Church of St. Mary, whose high ringer tower is unmistakable from practically every one of the boulevards of the Old Town.

It is unquestionably worth a visit the St. Andrew Monastery, which was an observer to a great number of vital authentic occasions.

A standout amongst the most intriguing purposes of your trip to the Rab island is the Cathedral of St. Justina. It is of extraordinary incentive from an engineering perspective.

Rab St Justinia Cathedral
Cathedral of St Justinia in Rab town

As of now, the dividers of the church house the Museum of Religious Art.

The assortment of the shows exhibited here is basically astounding; the age of some of them is in excess of a thousand years.

Strolling through the beautiful avenues of the historically significant area, you can see astonishing structures of various times. Those are sublime royal residences in the Renaissance style, little houses and part of the medieval fortresses.

Places to visit in Rab Island

Magnificent Old Town Of Rab

A town of a similar name found simply off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea.

The island is first known about under the Illyrians in 360 BC. It was a piece of Liburnia and after that piece of the Roman Empire.

The sovereign Octavian Augustus assembled town dividers and gave Rab the title of Municipium.

Saint Marinus, the author of the smaller than usual province of San Marino, began on Rab, whence he fled amid the religious mistreatments of the Emperor Diocletian.

Since a lion’s share of its inhabitants were Italian-speaking, local people tried to be attached to the Kingdom of Italy, however Italy in the long run chose to surrender the island to Yugoslavia sometime in 1921, and a significant number of its these occupants accordingly left for Istria and whatever is left of Italy.

Amid World War II, the powers of Fascist Italy settled the Rab inhumane imprisonment on the island.

A dedication complex implicit 1953 honors the site of the previous camp, situated in the town of Kampor.

After the said war, the island was a piece of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until the Croatian autonomy choice in 1991.

The island of Rab is wealthy in social legacy and social authentic landmarks that make it a well-known get-away goal.

Rab is otherwise called a pioneer of naturism after the visit of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

Rab Medeval Carnival
Rabska Fijera – Medeval festival on Rab island

The island is nowadays exceptionally well-known with vacationers and families for its lovely nature, shorelines, legacy, and numerous occasions, especially the Rab arbalest competition and the Rab Medieval celebration called Rapska Fjera

Kampor on Island Of Rab

Kampor is a little spot situated on the island of Rab just as one of only a handful couple of spots that protected the part of an old angling place.

The woods reservation “Dundo” is put there, on the promontory Kalifront, rich with stone and sandy shorelines, excellent promenades and cycling ways.

The trademark of Kampor is a Franciscan cloister of St. Eufemija, the benefactor holy person of the ward and the town, with an ethnographic exhibition hall, a gathering of Fr.

Ambroz Testen fills in just as one of the most established libraries in this piece of the Adriatic.

Kampor Rab Croatia
Kampor bay on Rab island, Croatia

Amid summer, similar to some other Dalmatian town, Kampor likewise arranges different celebrations, such as, fishing nights, legends night times, and a whole lot more.

Sports and dynamic excursion fans can appreciate football, volleyball, basketball, climbing, cycling, fishing, plunging, cruising, and various different exercises.

On the off chance that you might want to get to know the gastronomy of the island of Rab, just as appreciate the claims to fame of Kampor, visit the eateries “Eufemija” and “Punta”.


Banjol is situated between the towns of Rab and Barbat on island Rab.

The city of Banjol is appealing a result of its little ports along the coast, and promenade disregarding the old town Banjol.

Because of its closeness to the city of Rab, excellent sounds, sentimental evenings in eateries loaded up with an assortment of gourmet claims to fame are just a portion of the reasons why numerous sightseers come back to Banjol from year to year.

Some prominent restaurants which are worth point out are: Morcic, Marco Polo, III Padova, and Padova II.

Banjol - Rab island
Promenade disregarding the old town Banjol on Rab

These restauarants offer strengths which incorporate wine, sage nectar, olive oil, grappa made in its own family generation, just as saltwater fish, sardines, and anchovies wealthy in Omega 3.

Planning flame broiled dishes and heated dishes under the lead is an extremely long custom in this piece of the Rab island.

Fist and meat claims to fame are readied, as it was done in the good ‘ol days.

Banjol mainstream sandy shorelines are arranged in protected narrows, Padova I, II and III. In the main Padova there is lodging with a similar name, which you can discover and enjoy right away.

The place offers its visitors convenience in condos and rooms.

It is time for you to try an ocean front loft with a pool and go through an ideal occasion with your family or friends.

Places to visit on Rab Island

Rajska Plaza – Paradise Beach on Rab Island Croatia

CNN even named it in its World’s Top 100 best beaches list. Rajska plaža, which is also known as Paradise beach, is the most popular beach on the Rab island.

And mind you, it has always been a ‘blue flag’ owner since its inception sometime in 2003.

The 1.5 km long beach is ideal for kids due to the sand and big shallow water areas.

Rajska Beach - Rab Island
Paradise beach or Rajska plaža on Rab island

Visit Rapska Fjera

Rapska fjera festival is none other than the historical reenactment of the Rab island’s history for tourists.

Always held on the streets in the very old town of Rab during July’s last week, the festival also offers a medieval festival featuring many customs and crafts, as well as the ever-famous crossbow tournament.

Pudarica beach

This is without a doubt another of the island’s beaches, the type that will leave you breathless.

It is not only awesome, but also worth checking out. Interestingly, it is situated on the south part of the island, the part that is relatively next to Barbat, Pudarica beach.

Believe it or not, the beach comes with amazingly clear sea.

Pudarica Beach - Rab island
Amazingly clear sea on Pudarica beach on islant of the Rab, Croatia

The Churches of Rab Island

Rab is unmistakable by four church towers that ascent over the rooftops in the old town – the chime tower of the congregation of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the house of God, the ringer tower of the congregation of St. John the Evangelist, the tower of the congregation of St. Andrew the Apostle and the ringer tower of the congregation of St. Justine.

You can likewise look at a substantial accumulation of sacral workmanship in Franciscan Monastery of St. Bernardin with around two places for you to worship (St. Euphemia and St. Bernardin) where you can discover a wide range of ancient rarities.

Take a break in Komrčar Park & Garden

In a perfect world situated close by Rab’s Old Town, Komrčar Park gives that looked for after component in the stature of what a Kvarner summer should be – and it is none other than having a quality that speaks of shade.

It is not just there for holidaymakers to appreciate – botanists will have a field day packed with stunning Cypress trees and Aleppo pines.

Komrcar Park Garden - Rab island
Garden park Komrčar near Rab town, Croatia

As the recreation center backs onto the a significant lot of waterfront, you can join a DIY outdoors lunch with a plunge, or if nothing else a sprinkle, and in the event that you extravagant a touch of touring, there’s an unassuming church and burial ground close Palit, the street that borders the recreation center toward the north.

The rest is winding ways, and bumpy greenery, and it’s anything but difficult to locate a disconnected spot.

Top Beaches on Rab Island

Heavenly Beach or Rajska Plaža

Rajska plaža unquestionably merited its title yet additionally its Blue Flag.

This fine sandy shoreline in the settlement of Lopar is extended more than one and a half kilometers.

It has a short reef so it makes it ideal for playing with the children, building mansions in the sand, likewise to play sports like picigin.

Alongside caffes, eateries, parasailing, there’s likewise a protected gatekeeper. Likewise, the unmistakable ocean is ideal for investigating while at the same time swimming.

Suha Punta beach

For those not scared of rocks and stones, and moreover, for the individuals who feel that their stay on a beach is not finished without the shade and the aroma of pine trees. It is best for the shrouded beach of Suha Punta settlement is the best.

Suha Punta Beach
Suha Punta beach Rab, Croatia

Despite the fact that somewhat unexpected, here you can discover all that you need, from cafes, eateries, to various amusement like tennis courts or volleyball on sand.

Sahara – sandy beach on Rab island, Croatia

A beach situated in Lopar worth a notice is Sahara shoreline, around a 30 minute stroll from Rajska plaža on checked trails through nature.

Sahara shoreline is a dazzling sandy shoreline that is likewise a standout amongst the most well-known beach nudists in the locale.

Rab Island Sahara Beach
Sahara sandy beach on Rab island

Open via vehicle, Sahara is additionally an extraordinary spot for adventuring, yet not very good for exercises.

In case you’re searching for something with water sports, Sahara isn’t the spot for you.

Here you can appreciate harmony and calm, and because of the absence of offices, make certain to bring your own nourishment and water.

This sandy shoreline is encompassed by a couple of bushes where you can discover spread for when the sun gets excessively hot.

Ciganka beach

Likewise situated in Lopar confronting north we have Ciganka, which really means the English word “gypsy”.

One of the three dress discretionary sandy shorelines in Lopar, Ciganka is known for its unusual and one of a kind sand pyramids and other normal developments on the shoreline.

The shade of the ocean here is emerald green, and there is a lot of space for you to sunbathe on the rough levels that encompass the shoreline.

You can reach Ciganka beach effectively by foot or via vehicle, and you’ll make sure to discover leaving in the close-by pine woodland.

An exceptionally detached shoreline with an absence of offices, ensure you get ready before your day here!

Pudarica beach

A beach made for the awesome perspectives of the Rab old town and far and away superior nightfalls, Pudarica shoreline is situated in Barbat in the south of the island.

Pudarica Rab Croatia
Pudarica Beach on Rab island, Croatia

Portrayed by its fine sand granules and its completely clear ocean, Pudarica is effectively accessible via car (offers free parking) or by boat. Outfitted with cheap food, bistros, and toilets, Pudarica shoreline additionally has a standout amongst the most acclaimed dance club on the island: Santos Beach Club (see on guide).

A standout amongst the best parts of Pudarica shoreline is the “blue tidal pond”, found only two coves over from the principle shoreline – make certain to investigate the many concealed shorelines and inlets here!

Kandarola beach

One of the most seasoned realized nudist shorelines on the planet, we acquaint you with Kandarola.

Situated on the Frkanj promontory only a short taxi watercraft ride from the port of the old town of Rab or a short drive from Palit, Kandarola facilitated visitors, for example, King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson.

This shoreline is all around outfitted with eateries, shoreline bars, relax seats and umbrella rentals, clean toilets, and showers.

Another advantage?

Kandarola likewise saves some portion of the shoreline for puppies!

Things To Do on Rab Island, Croatia

Try Rapska Torta (Rab Island Cake)

Yes, that is right – the island offers its own cake and the ingredients are almonds and Maraschino liqueur.

By tradition, it is baked in the shape of a spiral.

And as far as legend is concerned, this cake was first served sometime 1177 and it was specifically meant for Pope Alexander III during the time when he consecrated the Assumption Cathedral in Rab.

Rab Island Cake - Rabska Torta
Rabska Torta – Rab Island Cake

Kamenjak – Rab Island Viewing Point

Kamenjak is considered to be highest point on the entire island of Rab.

Kamenjak Highest point of Rab
Panoramic view on Rab Island from highest point of the island – Rt Kamenjak

It is reportedly around 408 metres above sea level. Instead of lollygagging, try to take the steep road up, especially since it is really worth it of some spectacular views of the island.

There is also a place where one can easily grab a bite and, the same time, a drink up the top.

Swim to Classical Music

Why not consider going for a swim in the town beach. It is basically where you can swim with a great opportunity of watching the amiable ancient city, including its many walls and a handful of church towers.

The beach is just right under the window of what appears to be a music school.

In a sense, it greatly depends on the time and day. Regardless, you can always expect getting serenaded whilst swimming.

Fishermen’s nights in Rab town

In case you did not know, there are various fisherman’s nights or ribarska večer – and they are all held on Rab in the months of July and August.

This event is made for the purpose of giving people the opportunity enjoy some fresh fish and savor the likes of local music, wine, and a whole lot more at a very reasonable price.

Nightlife on Rab Island

Amid summer, there are constantly numerous happenings in Rab; adjacent to the excitement nearby like the medieval celebration, there are also numerous bars and shoreline cafes.

A standout amongst the most well-known spots is the shoreline club Santos, each mid-year numerous Croatian and outside specialists perform there.

Treking on Rab Island, Croatia

Some portion of the Kalifront promontory that focuses its direction north-west coming from Rab island going straight to Cres, Dundo is a plant hold made somewhere in the range of 70 years back.

Here the holm oaks, a huge, evergreen assortment, go back hundreds of years – there are others in the Mediterranean idea to be over 500 years of age.

The trails slicing through the forested areas are effectively pursued, notwithstanding for more seasoned climbers.

When you leave the closest town, the casual, customary network of Kampor, you’re essentially individually, so pack a lot of water and tidbits.

Visit 200-Year-Old Palace of Santa Maria

A short reroute from Rab’s fundamental square, the Santa Maria is set in a stately chateau going back to the mid-1800s.

Coffee shops tuck into thick steaks and barbecued fish encompassed by memorable stone dividers, some having held tables looking out to ocean and Rab harbor.

Old Town Rab
Stone houses and streets of old town Rab – Rab island, Croatia

The area, climate and nature of toll make Santa Maria a step pricier than somewhere else around Rab’s Old Town, yet it’s a vital feast on an island where gastronomy isn’t generally a high point.

Try the most delicious lamb

The great dish at the similarly exemplary Konoba Rab is “janjetina pod pekom”, sheep moderate braised in its very own juices because of the customary cooking strategy for putting steaming slag over an arch molded top and leaving the substance to stew.

On account of sheep, you’re as of now managing an especially fine assortment for which Kvarner is outstanding.

Different specialities at this uncovered block and dim wood bar in the focal point of the town are steak with some mushrooms, dried octopus, steak with mushrooms, monkfish and squid.

For sweet, don’t pass up the Rab cake, a sugar-covered cake of almonds and Maraschino alcohol and a pillar of each neighborhood grandma’s culinary collection.

Getting to Rab Island

You can get to Rab island from a total of three different directions.

The first one would be upcoming from Austria, where you need to trail the guidelines Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica, Rijeka and Senj.

Adriatic Motorway to Rab island
Adriatic road from southern coast of Croatia to Rab island.

The second one is from Hungary. Here, you need to go through the highway ZagrebSplit until you reach Žuta Lokva.

Only then can you continue straight towards Senj. Lastly, it would be coming from Italy, where you need to follow the directions to Rijeka.

Whether you are traveling by plane or via train, it does not matter.

That is because there will be a need for you to go home real quickly Rijeka and then you can move forward towards your journey to Rab.

Despite the means of transportation you choose, you must be able to combine them with a ferry.

The ferries, on the other hand, you have two options.

Basically, you have the freedom to move forward with either Jablanac-Mišnjak or Valbiska-Lopar.

You will definitely obtained a catamaran from Novalja on Island Pag and a small passager boat from Lun.

Best Time To Visit Rab Island

Taken into serious consideration the mediterranean climate, there is no doubt that the best time to visit the Rab island is from May to the end of July, as well as the entire month of September.

August, on the other, is apparently very hot.

Rab Croatia
Aerial photo of old town rab on Rab island, Croatia

The weather in the months of October and November is expected to be pleasant.

The only catch, however, is that they will soon become a bit cooler. Upon the arrival of these months, the sun will not shine every now and then.

That is why it is important to check it every day, but make sure you are prepared for cloudy days and even after little rain sometimes are check.

Going from November to February, you can expect the temperatures to be a whole lot cooler.