Kačjak Beach

The following list major holiday destinations in Croatia is not really a list of all the best places to go next, as some of the locations are on par with some of the best.

Crystal clear water of Plitvice Lakes

Croatia is a host country of eight national parks and these are all with stunning natural features with many things to do in them from hiking, biking, sailing to swimming.

Croatia beaches: Saplunara Mljet

There are Verdant islands, uninhabited karst-rock islands, and isolated naturist islands, including some islands with no vegetation. Most of the small Croatian islands are usually deserted and have nothing but a lighthouse.

Divna Beach Croatia Top beaches

These stunning azure waters come with a mild Mediterranean climate, nautical adventure sports, towns with a rich and diverse history, and delicious gourmet food that has been declared the one of the healthiest in the world.